8th India Reserve Battalion (CDO)

Good work done by 8th India Reserve (CDO) Battalion

Khabeisoi, Imphal East

Nature of work done Helping injured and distress persons
Police Station & District/Unit 8th India Reserve (CDO) Battalion, Khabeisoi, Imphal East
Date of work done 18/06/2016
Brief of the work done One unknown, non-local with unstable mind of @ 45 years who was strolling aimlessly at Khongnang Ani Karak was picked up CO and his team during foot patrolling for the Great June Uprising. He was later taken to Mother Teresa Home at Mantripukhri.
Citizen appreciation about the good work, if any Authorities of the Home verbally appreciated the good and selfless work done by the officer and his team.

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