Message from the DGP

In the recent past, the Police Department faced two main challenges. One was the Economic Blockade on the two National Highways (NH-37 and NH-2),which  started at midnight of 31st October 2016, and the other was the State Assembly Elections 2017,for which polling was done in two phases-on the 4th and  8th of March.

           During the long economic blockade, under strict monitoring by hon’ble Manipur High Court, the police and security forces were mandated to bring in every week at least 17 convoys of loaded trucks filled with petroleum products, cooking gas, FCI rice, medicine and other essential commodities. With the help and cooperation of CRPF, Army and AR, the State Police were able to achieve this target and ensure free flow of essential commodities in spite of ambush by NSCN(IM) on few occasions.                      

           Besides the economic blockade, the UNC had picketed all government offices, which posed a big challenge to preparations and conduct of peaceful and fair elections. Doubts were even raised whether we would be able to conduct Assembly Elections at all. Under strict, day to day monitoring by ECI, security arrangements for training of poll personnel, filling of nominations, campaigning, etc. were done. We gave assurance to the ECI that we challenges of conducting elections and we have proved that we could do it.

           I am happy to say that in spite of most difficult and trying situations, we were able to conduct one of the most incident free elections in the state. This is possible due to the sincere efforts and hard work put in by all concerned.

           I would like to put on record my sincere appreciation to all officers and men of Army, AR, CRPF, BSF and the State Police for all the efforts contributed by the Economic Blockade and State Assembly Elections 2017. I look forward to continued cooperation and synergy in the months to come.



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